Case Study Portfolio of Websites and Digital Marketing Projects

Browse through the categories below to view some of our recent websites within each market sector.

  • The Keep Military Museum

    Accommodation, Tourism and Leisure Business Websites

    We've had the pleasure of working with a number of clients in the accommodation, tourism and leisure sector, including businesses offering food and wine, hospitality and holiday accommodation or bed and breakfast. We've also worked with businesses providing activities and leisure pursuits such as seasonal events and sports, as well as museums.


  • Georgina Maynard Portraits

    Arts and Creative, Culture and Heritage Websites

    We enjoy working with a number of clients in the arts, creative, culture, and heritage sector, including artists showcasing galleries of paintings, and also clients who offer the chance to take on further education. We have helped give a voice to a small social history project, and enabled historical research for a Regimental Military Museum. We have a long association with the Roman Finds Group, and have worked with Dorset's Arts Development Service since its inception as a company. We are also delighted to be the media partner of Dorchester Literary Festival.


  • Money Matters Financial Services

    Commercial And Corporate Websites

    We are a unique combination of design agency and business consultancy; we help to build businesses on the internet, and everywhere. Working with a large number of commercial clients of all sizes and across many sectors, we start by gaining a detailed understanding of clients' businesses and ambitions, and present and promote those businesses via websites and marketing strategies to add value and increase business opportunities.


  • BioPortfolio

    Healthcare, Safety and Scientific Websites

    We've worked with clients in the healthcare sector since the mid 1990's, and increasingly in the science and biotech sector too. This has included publishing a regular print journal, designing and maintaining websites, as well as creating logos, adverts and print marketing materials as they're needed. We've also developed an extranet, and websites for product support and news distribution.


  • High Technology Lighting

    Homes and Garden Websites

    Our homes and gardens clients include people who make your home beautiful, make your garden beautiful, make beautiful things to put into your home and garden, or sell you a beautiful home and garden.


  • The Learning Huddle

    Networks and Associations Websites

    We've supplied a number of varied services to the associations and networks that we work with. These have included creating and maintaining their websites; developing printed materials including adverts and flyers; publishing journals and reports, and a multitude of other administrative support activities.


  • Furleigh Estate

    Retail and Ecommerce Websites

    Our work for retail clients has included both print and web design. Flyers, advertisements and posters advertising goods for sale have been developed alongside new, complementary websites for direct online commerce.


  • Devon and Dorset Regimental Association

    Social, Charitable and Community Websites

    We have helped to develop a number of local and national community and charity websites over the years. These organisations value our knowledge in building them a great website, providing enhanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and helping them maintain and promote a successful online presence. We take pride in supporting groups that support the community, both locally in Dorset and across the country.