Charitable and Community Websites by Alacrify

Charitable and Community Websites

We have helped to develop a number of local, national and international community and charity websites over the years. These organisations in particular, value our knowledge in building them a great website, providing enhanced Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and helping them maintain and promote a successful brand and online presence.

Here at Alacrify we take pride in working with and supporting organisations that support the community, both locally in Dorset and across the country. We do everything possible to ensure social and charitable organisations have the easiest, most efficient and problem-free entrance into the online market. We try to be as accommodating as we can to non-profit collectives by giving them more concession than we would a profitable business. 

If you're involved with a charity or good cause and would like to us to share our expertise on how our services can benefit you, do us a ring on 01305 265893 or email to find out more.