Alacrify's Content Management System

All websites need some means of keeping their content up to date. Whereas it used to be the province of people with an interest or expertise in web programming, nowadays there are many systems that are designed for the layperson to use.

These Content Management Systems come in all shapes and sizes. Many are fantastic, some are flawed, some are expensive and others are free. They all try to do one thing - to help people maintain the images, text and information that is presented on the web.

Simple CMS

Our experience has led us to offer a variety of CMS options to our clients. Some would rather have us deal with all site maintenance. Others want to get stuck into the code and update the website source code themselves. We've developed a third way - our own Alacrify Simple CMS.

This website that you're viewing now is built using our Simple CMS system.

It allows us to add, edit and delete web pages, images, galleries, blogs, diary listings and much more, all without writing a scrap of web code. At its core is simplicity. A combination of a simple maintenance system with easy to understand options allows it to manage a wide variety of websites. Our years of working with clients has led us to create something that almost anyone can use to build a dynamic, well structured, and effective website.

We're not interested in providing dozens of unnecessary add-ons to this system. It's not a customer relationship management system (although we do build those too), it just allows ordinary people to create and manage effective and good looking websites.