Custom E-Commerce Website

Custom E-Commerce Website

From £2,750 (Plus VAT)

Our E-Commerce Website Package is a custom website with built a built in E-Commerce solution. This package comprises the design and delivery of a website plus a news/blog, with the addition of an E-Commerce solution and including our Content Management System (CMS). Our Custom Website is a complete from ‘the ground up’ build and design. Built solely to your needs and vision. Along with our expertise and your vision we can build a site completely tailored to your business.

We can build all types of E-Commerce solutions ranging from a simple shop allowing our clients to sell their products, a ticketing solution allowing our clients to sell and manage tickets on their site and also a complete membership solution allowing our clients and their users to create, manage and terminate their memberships. In reality we can build just about anything in the E-Commerce world and tailor it to what you actually want and need. Whether it’s big or small we can build it.

Our preferred partner for any E-Commerce solution is Stripe although we are happy to work with any payment provider if you have a preferred provider.

Our CMS enables clients to maintain their own sites once they are launched; training is offered as part of this service. The Package also includes our built-in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) features to ensure that the website is listed effectively on the major search engines. Content and images to be provided as early as possible.

A typical time scale for a website to be built would be 6-8 weeks. We will schedule in the work as soon as we possibly can, all will be discussed before agreement of work.

All websites are built to be 'responsive', meaning that the site will work on all device types and screen sizes, including mobile phones.

Custom Content Management System (CMS)

All websites need some means of keeping their content up to date. Whereas it used to be the province of people with an interest or expertise in web programming, nowadays there are many systems that are designed for the layperson to use. These Content Management Systems come in all shapes and sizes. Many are fantastic, some are flawed, some are expensive and others are free. They all try to do one thing - to help people maintain the images, text and information that is presented on the web.

Our experience has led us to offer a variety of CMS options to our clients. Some would rather have us deal with all site maintenance. Others want to get stuck into the code and update the website source code themselves. This led us to building our own CMS, we all it the Alacrify Simple CMS and it does exactly what it says it does, it’s simple!

With our CMS you can also keeps tabs on your products or services so you can only need to manage them in one place. With built in optional reporting we can also create bespoke reports for your business depending on what you want to see.

We truly believe that a CMS should only give you what you need, we don’t want to overload you with buttons and clicks that have no relevant to your site. Our simple CMS is built tailored to your website, giving you what you want and need. This also means building things in the future can be done with ease and with no fuss.

Built in Tools

Built in Tools

Images & Documents in one place

Images & Documents in one place



Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly

Fluid Design

Fluid Design

Why Alacrify?

Why Alacrify? A question we get asked a lot, why choose Alarify over the other household names out there? We truly believe our websites and Content Management System are up there with the best. Each website is completley personal and unique to your business. With all our wesbites, we're all about site speed and performance. That is what also makes us unique with our Content Management System, we only believe you should get what you need, no need for all these other menus and buttons that you will never use. Not only does this make it easier for you to use but in turn it means less things to load, resulting in fast load times. Another thing you won't be restricted to is design restraints or certain frameworks, your website will be completely custom which basically means we can do whatever we and you want when it comes to the design.

We're based in the heart of Dorchester in the NFU Building (near Waitrose at the bottom of town) with our doors always open. Having someone where you can pick up the phone or pop in and a real person is there at the end to talk to you is at the core of our business. After a website is launched we pride ourselves in the support we are able to offer and help grow your business online.

As part of any website build, training on using your website and Content Management System is provided as part of the cost. This can be done virtual (like Zoom) or come in for a coffee and we can sit down with you. Should you ever need any support then our doors are always open.


Completely Custom E-Commerce

Your website will be completely custom meaning no two websites will look the same. Built for you by us. With your website being completely custom it gives you a real sense of ownership. We take great pride in building something that hits the spot for what you want and need when selling products or services.

Social Media Plugin

Ever published content online and then had to republish that content across your Social Media channels? Do it all in one place and once. Simply publish an article/event (whatever it may be) and have it pushed out across your chosen Social Media profiles automatically at a time to suit you.

We're right by your side

Ever have any issues, need some help with something or simpy want some advise? Pick up the phone or drop us an email we're here to support you and help you grow online. We will be right by your side whenever you need us.


Or whatever you want... Build in a news section, a blog or even events. Your website will be able to do it all from the simple things to the more detailed things. It's your website so let us know what you want it to do and we will build exactly that (with our own touches).

That Personal Touch

We're real people so whenever you pick up the phone, communicate regarding your website or have any initial questions then you'll speak to a real person. We like to make things personal for the best experience and this is also translated in to your website.

Strong SEO Indexing

With our years of expertise and experience we've built a Content Management System (CMS) that uses the best SEO techniques giving you the best possible chance to excel online with your website. We also keep on top of things so any new techniques will be implemented in to your website.

Plus many more...

Responsive Design (Mobile Friendly)

Responsive Website Design involves one set of code to display a website optimally across all web enabled devices such as tablets, smartphones and PCs. Recent years have seen a huge shift in the market towards responsive website design, which means the websites we build will work on all devices, whether a mobile phone, a tablet or a desktop PC.

The way in which we design and develop websites has changed to meet this ever increasing demand. Making sure your website remains functional and attractive is crucial to a good customer experience. Mobile phone and tablet internet usage has overtaken desktop internet access. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure your website is fully accessible for all web users. Let us take the stress out of things and put your ease at mind knowing that your website will work across all devices.

Get in Touch

Want to talk to a member of our team about our Custom Websites or simply have a few questions? Then please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can reach us on or call us on 01305 595925. We'd be more than happy to assist anyway we can.