SSL Certificates by Alacrify

SSL Certificates are highly recommended in today’s world. You may have visited websites and noticed that in the URL bar it says not secure or unsecure. You may then have visited websites that have a green or sometimes gold padlock in the URL bar with the word secure next to it. These sites with padlock mean that the site has an SSL Certificate installed meaning the website is secured and safe to make transactions and hand over personal data.

The introduction of GDPR made it advisable to make sure your site is on SSL Certificate even if you don’t process any transactions. Many websites handle personal data without even realising it. Having a contact form on your website allows users to contact your company via the website but by doing so users are inputting personal data like their names and email addresses so you can contact them back. Having your site on an SSL Certificate means that all the traffic and data to and from your site is sent over a secure connection.

Not only did GDPR make SSL Certificates an advisable thing but browsers like Google now also take into consideration whether your website is secure or not when ranking your site in the search engine. Many browsers (Google Chrome in particular) will now flag security warnings if you try to fill in forms on non-SSL websites. With SSL installed, the browser shows a padlock in the address bar and quietly lets you go about your business. Antivirus/security software will also often flag up the same warnings. You may have also entered some websites and seen a message appear about the website not being secure and showing what looks to be a horrible message putting off users from entering the website.

It has also been noted that there are speed improvements to be had from SSL too, as the protocol allows concurrent transmission of data rather than consecutive. This means more information (files, images, etc.) can be transferred from your site to your visitor's web browser at one time, speeding up page load times, and improving their user-experience.

With all new sites and hosting packages we now include SSL Certificates as part of our hosting package. We also recommended to all our existing clients that they put their site on an SSL Certificate. Luckily for new and existing clients SSL Certificates is our bread and butter so you don’t need to do anything when it comes to the installation and code changes as we can manage this all for you. SSL Certificates just like the hosting are annual fee that requires renewing each year, again something we manage on your behalf but not before checking with you that you’re happy to renew.

If you want to talk to us about SSL Certificates or want us to check if you’re site is secure then get in touch with us today on 01305 595925 or drop us an email