Alacrify Company Background


Alacrify Since 1997Alacrify grew from Jon's interest in the internet in its infancy back in 1997, as an extension of his art and design practice. Creating a site to promote his own watercolour paintings and art cards led to website commissions from other artists, and a community of clients was formed. 

From the outset Jon used his insight and skills to make sites that really worked for people and helped them to get the most out of their online experience. Jon's core values led him to make many sites for charities and community groups, and to support them by giving his skills and services free of charge.

The developing internet meant adapting to and embracing new technology and new opportunities, and harnessing them intelligently to clients' needs. Out of this creativity came Jon's specialism in website design, online business tools, ecommerce, social networking (before social networks!) and digital marketing. Jon's growing client-base gave a depth to his understanding and experience of business, and his expertise in building online solutions and marketing formed the foundations of Alacrify, which became a Registered Company in 2005.

Over the years Jon's desire to create opportunities for others has led to the training and qualification of three apprentices, one of whom is now a permanent member of staff. Jon has also mentored students in Young Enterprise and in local schools and colleges. Alacrify has also built and nurtured a community of partners and specialists to call upon for particular projects, and collaborates with other designers and agencies to support their work.

These days Alacrify is a unique, values-led combination of design agency, digital and social media marketing specialists and business consultancy. Offering advice, experience and expertise to its wide and diverse portfolio of clients large and small, Alacrify goes from strength to strength, and is proud - in such a dynamic field - to had celebrated Alacrify's 20th anniversary in 2017.