Branding and Re-Branding with Alacrify

Many small (and medium sized) businesses swerve away from addressing the need for building a brand. Most tend not to notice that they're actually building a brand anyway, without even realising it.

Your brand is the collection of assumptions, impressions and expectations that you build in the minds of people who meet you. Everyone is a brand. Knowing how to build it to your advantage is a major part of building a business. Paying attention and being active in brand development can bring real competitive advantage and generate real rewards.

One of the keys to our work that leads to greatest customer satisfaction is the fact that we take time to understand our customers. We invest effort in understanding their values and aims and begin to address the sorts of questions that build up an understanding of brand identity. This may involve logo design, designing new stationery or developing company livery for vans or concepts for adverts and exhibitions, but often it is about much more subtle and low-key decisions and ideas.

Building a brand through a website includes looking at apparently tiny things such as which fonts to use, whether to use illustrations, cartoons, photography, which colours to use for different parts of the site, and how much information to put on each page. It also includes looking at the 'voice' used to write text on the site - friendly, personal, professional, technical, third or first person. Most of the time visitors won't give any of this a second conscious thought but the first and last impressions will all be formed by the way these issues are addressed.

The Art Of Gentle Persuasion

Jon's background in psychology (a BSc & MA) has assisted him in developing these brand concepts, as well as practical ideas for boosting the right sort of brand for a business.

Accepting the need to take control of your brand is the first step to making more of it. If you're interested in seeing how a better understanding of your business branding can work for you, do give us a ring on 01305 595925 or drop us an email on and we'll give you a call to discuss possible ideas.