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Festival Twitter Account Management

"Your work has been truly amazing and we are all hugely grateful."

Festival Organisers

Tutoring Website

"'Having my own website has always been a dream.  I wanted to embrace the power of the internet to reach audiences you can't do in any other way.  Thanks to Alacrify, this dream was realised.  My concerns about the technicalities and complexities of website construction were completed absorbed by Alacrify; I simply had to provide the content.  The communication, from start to finish, technical support, simplified user guides and quality of work has been second to none.  Alacrify doesn't just stand for 'to rouse to action'; it stands for outstanding service."

Michelle Holgeth -

Botanical Art Website

"The trouble with a truly active website is that it needs regular updating, and I was keen to avoid the cumbersome - and time-consuming - process of telling you what I want, seeing it on the screen, realising it wasn't quite right, getting you to change it, and so on. I knew that I would put up with something less than perfect rather than keep asking you to make changes. Which makes a mockery of the idea of an active and up-to-date website."

"So your new Micro CMS system was a real gift - and so user-friendly I can hardly believe it. Now I can go onto my website, put in a user name and password, type in what I want, check that it is correct and then save it - all in the space of a few minutes. And I can do it as often as I like at no extra cost, which is a real bonus!"

"Absolute magic! Thank you so much."

Meriel Thurstan, Botanical Artist

Community Project Website

"We were all delighted when Alacrify kindly took on the project, as we knew from their previous work that the high standard of presentation would be of great benefit to our Group."

"The design of the website  was soon in place and various requirements by Rutland Reminders were quickly absorbed into the finished piece.  The website is attractive, easy to negotiate and succinctly gives all the information required.  We are delighted with the service that Alacrify has offered. " 

Diana Ellard, Rutland Reminders