Hosting By Alacrify

We offer a range of hosting services here at Alacrify, all designed to make your life easier and to give you piece of mind. We offer both website and email hosting via a number of different hosting providers for which we are resellers. Each project is different which is why we work with a number of hosting providers so we can provide the best solution for you. No matter how big the project we can find a solution that’s just right for you.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is essentially an online space used to store all the data needed to show your website. As well as website hosting, we can provide email hosting (or both) and just like the website, email hosting provides you with an online space to store all your emails.


Our standard price for a secure website hosting package is £260 +VAT annually. This price includes website hosting, email hosting and an SSL Certificate which ensures that all data is handled over a secure connection to the hosting server, something that has become far more important over recent years.

For customers looking for email only hosting then this is something we can provide at £90 +VAT annually.

There are some occasions where we will opt to give you a custom hosting plan depending on your needs, but this is something we will consult with you at the start of any project.

Our Providers

We’ve worked closely with a variety of hosting providers over the years; in particular GURU Hosting. We believe that GURU Hosting are great and a reliable hosting provider. On the rare occasion that an issue may arise we’ve been able to work closely with their customer service team to resolve any issues quickly. As well as a great customer service team they provide an excellent service which means our sites run fast, email set up is quick, we don’t encounter any Bandwidth or Disk space issues and they all comply with GDPR. We encourage you to check out their terms of service to check this for yourself:

GURU (​)

Please Note: We take no responsibility for guaranteeing their performance but believe that they offer impressive service which we are happy to use for our own and our clients’ hosting needs. We work closely with all our hosted clients to make sure that any problems they experience are solved as quickly as possible and will act on their behalf if requested to maintain their hosting and email services. If for any reason you would like us to transfer your website hosting elsewhere then please let us know and we will work to arrange this for you.

Please contact if you wish to discuss hosting or call us on 01305 595925. We’d love to hear from you.


SSL Certificates by Alacrify

SSL Certificates are highly recommended in today's world. You may have visited websites and noticed that in the URL bar it says not secure or unsecure. You may then have visited websites that have a green or sometimes gold padlock in the URL bar with the word secure next to it. These sites with padlock mean that the site has an SSL Certificate installed meaning the website is secured and safe to make transactions and hand over personal data.