Alacrify Ltd
Hosting with Alacrify


We offer website and email hosting via a number of different hosting providers for which we are resellers. In particular we work closely with United Hosting and Heart Internet.

What is hosting?
Hosting is an online space to store all the data needed to show your website.

The hosting for websites is currently £15 + VAT per month, payable a minimum of 12 months in advance to ensure continuity of service. Please note that payment must be cleared before the expiry date in order to ensure continuation of service.

We believe that United Hosting and Heart Internet are good and reliable hosting providers and encourage you to look at their terms of service to check this for yourself.

We take no responsibility for guaranteeing their performance but believe that they offer impressive service which we are happy to use for our own and our clients’ hosting needs. We work closely with all our hosted clients to make sure that any problems they experience are solved as quickly as possible and will act on their behalf if requested to maintain their hosting and email services. If for any reason you would like us to transfer your website hosting elsewhere then please let us know and we will work to arrange this for you.

Please contact | 01305 753769 if you would like to discuss hosting through Alacrify. We'd love to hear from you.