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Website Design and Development

Website design used to be simple; the options available were basic and straightforward - a little bit of text and some (small) images on a handful of pages to present the business or organisation to the world. Now the internet is a totally different animal. The transition of tv-style animation and video onto the web along with mobile and tablet web-browsing and social networking interactivity have changed the options available beyond recognition.

But more choice doesn't mean you make better decisions. Part of our web design work is about working out what type of website approach meets your needs. We offer to help pick the most suitable methods for presenting you and your  business online and build a website that fits properly within your business' broader marketing strategy.

Small Or Large - We Can Do It

We make sites for all sorts of people. We've created dozens of brochure sites for small businesses and sole traders who want to make a big impression on the web. The sites provide more information to support their other marketing and advertising campaigns whether they're word of mouth, newspaper ads, direct mail or email marketing.

We've created e-commerce sites both large and small to allow clients to sell direct to the public on the internet. We've also created sites that offer complete office administration systems and customer relationship management.

This spectrum of experience means we have access to insights and information on all sorts of website design approach. It also allows us to work out ways to improve existing sites; spotting new opportunities; identifying areas for improvement; building new systems and options to help to make sites achieve their potential.

Crunch Time

In these difficult economic times just about every business advisor is reinforcing the need for businesses to be online and invest in web presence as a cost-effective means to develop new business. Websites allow flexible, responsive, niche advertising that can reap real rewards in a way that is unmatched by any other media.

Call us if you have questions about what a website can offer your business. If you're confused by all the options, hype and hubbub around website design, give us a ring. We're always happy to spend time talking through options for web-marketing and websites with people. If you'd like to pick our brains about possible ideas we're just a phone call away - 01305 753769, or if you'd prefer, send us an email to and we'll give you a ring.

Don't worry, we don't just speak geek - we talk commonsense too!


A few helpful bits of Jargon-Busting!

Responsive Websites: these are sites that work equally well on mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. Google (and other Search Engines) prefer these to non-responsive sites. They usually involve some sort of elegant folding down of the desktop design to make it look super clean and smart on smaller devices. You can read more about our responsive website design here.

SEO: aka Search Engine Optimisation: is the work you have to do to your site to make it reach the top of search engine results for searches that you want to appear against. This is part technical, part psychological, part user-experience design, part experimental and extremely tricky to get right without a good helping of expertise.

Ecommerce: this refers to online financial transactions, from full retail shops to membership subscription management and ticket payment systems. We've built them all.