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Spinning The Moon - Dorchester Community Plays Association

Dorchester Community Plays Association commissioned us to create a brand new website to support their 7th Community play, which will be performed in 2020.

The site needs to achieve multiple goals.

It needs to

  • promote the awareness of the new play, called "Spinning the Moon"
  • be a space to advertise and promote activities that are happening in the build up to the play
  • promote requests for help, volunteering and financial support / sponsorship etc.
  • provide a means for people to contact the play's organisers
  • share information about the milestones and events in the preparation of the play
  • promote information about the sponsors of the play

In addition the site will become an archive of the play's journey from inception to production. It will evolve as the project evolves, capturing content and activities in the life of the community play, and develop into a legacy artefact in its own right, showing how the play impacts on the community and the wider world.

Spinning the Moon - DCPA Community Play 2020