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SEO Testing and Visualising Changes to SEO


2nd December 2011

SEO Testing and Visualising Changes to SEO

We've just created a new page on our site here to help us to explain to our clients how SEO works and show the effect on websites of altering different aspects of SEO.

You can view the page here: SEO Tester

You can use the tester to see how the different aspects of SEO can improve or harm your website's performance.

SEO TestingWe've built the tester from our experience of building and maintaining websites over the past 15 years; and drawn from a wide variety of types of website from ecommerce to brochure sites, and of all shapes and sizes, from one-pagers to sites with millions of pages.

We hope it shows how complicated and subtle SEO really is, and how you have to tackle lots of different aspects at the same time to make a site really work effectively.

Do get in touch if you'd like more information or help with optimising your website.

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