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John Bullock Lighting Design


30th April 2009

John Bullock Lighting Design

Today we've launched the new version website for John Bullock Lighting Design. John has been a client for many years and we've developed several versions of his site as the internet and his business has changed.

Today's launch marks the first of our clients to use our new Simple CMS [Content Management System]. Many of the features in the CMS are a result of John's requests and our dialogue with John about what would be useful for his needs. We then made these ideas as flexible and widely applicable as we could.

The resulting site shows the real power of a CMS system; using it John has been able to present the full range of his services, interests, publications and project portfolios all in one place, and in a way that he can continue to develop and keep control of. This means he can instantly update the site whenever he has new information to add which will build his presence on the web and also enhance his search engine ranking. However much we helped John to keep the content up to date on his previous HTML website, this CMS solution is light years ahead of what we could hope to achieve, both in terms of volume of content, ease of use and immediacy. We're all looking forward to seeing how the site performs once it is re-indexed by the search engines.

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