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Easter Eggs and Alacrification


31st March 2009

Easter Eggs and Alacrification

Last month I wrote a little item in this blog about the Seasons Florists website and the special Mother's Day flowers that they were selling. In addition to bringing in new business to Seasons Florists we also found that our website had a big increase in the number of visitors too. This made me think about the effect of including more "seasonal" phrases within our web content, and particularly in this blog.

With Easter approaching we're going hell for leather with our CMS project, trying to get it ready for beta testing before the start of the holiday. We're also working with Dry Island to make some updates to their website to promote their self-catering business in the run up to the holidays. They're now offering brilliant Seafood Safaris on Gairloch and are being featured on Swedish national television.

Twice this week I've been asked whether we can do some "alacrification" for a client. This may be our very own neologism, and in our context it refers to the magic we perform when we turn someones text and images into a finished design that they're really pleased with. The latest alacrification was yesterday when we produced a special slideshow page for Dukes Auctioneers in Dorchester that features several important lots that are being sold in their April sale. The slideshow shows a mixture of antique furniture and fine art; including pictures by David Hockney, Lucien Freud and Henri Matisse.

Our second piece of alacrification will be for Dry Island who need new flyers for their Seafood Safaris and Fish Stall at Poolewe.

And the Easter Eggs, well they're a cracking chance for me to see if lightning strikes twice; to find out whether we encourage any eggstra traffic to our site by including a mention of Easter in the content of this blog. I'll write after the holiday saying whether it made a difference or not. And in the meantime I'll go on looking forward to having a delicious Green and Blacks Easter Egg in just a few days time.

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