SPAM Email Update


1st March 2024

Are you having issues with senders reporting that your email ends up in their SPAM folder or quarantine?

Here’s the latest from one of our hosting providers:

Your server isn't throttled rather Microsoft are mis-categorising mail messages leaving our IP ranges.  This is beyond annoying and is a serious business issue for a lot of customers - we are aware of it and I've been in contact with Microsoft over the last two weeks.  We have been talking to MS for over two weeks now and we are not getting any sensible replies.

As noted in the link, we are not the only organisation having an issue. This is a serious issue that we are working on, the problem being the issue lies with Microsoft. Microsoft are aware of this issue but, sadly, progress is very slow.  We can only apologies for the problems and we fully understand the problems this presents to businesses, sadly Microsoft less so. 

In the interim, we are still keeping the Status page updates.

We apologies for any inconvenience this is causing any of our clients but rest assured this issue is being worked and we hope to have a resolution soon.

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