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Relaunch of Maiden Newton Info, Poole and Bournemouth Info & Weymouth and Portland Info


28th February 2020

Throughout the first couple months of 2020 we relaunched our 3 info sites; Maiden Newton Info, Poole and Bournemouth Info & Weymouth and Portland Info. These are 3 sites of ours that are internal projects to Alacrify therefore completely self-funded by Alacrify.

The idea of these websites is to give residents (and visitors) info about things going on these local areas. These include; Events, News, Promotions, Attractions, Local Transport Contacts, Places to Stay, Places to Eat and also a list of local businesses in the area who have signed up to the site. We’re also ever developing the site should new opportunities come up or if we hear from someone who would like to be able to find certain things in the area. Our next piece of development is to create themed pages. Looking into the Summer (hard to believe on a cold wintery day like the day we’re writing this) we want to highlight all the wonderful things that may be going on in Maiden Newton, Poole, Bournemouth, Weymouth and Portland in the Summer months.

As an ever-expanding site there comes a time where we introduce new functionality and time to time a little refresh on the look. Our latest changes at the start of 2020 where geared towards making the site easy to navigate and being able to quickly jump to ‘hot spots’ on our sites like the latest promotions in the area etc.

Due to it be an internal project we haven’t got a dedicated team running the sites except ourselves. This often means we’re crawling round the internet and social media for additional content like events etc. to add to our website. If you live or know of anything going on in the Maiden Newton, Poole, Bournemouth, Weymouth or Portland area then do please let us know as we rely on items being sent to us to keep the website’s up to date as much as possible.


We hope that our users find these websites useful and who knows me may expand in the future and build more! We’re also always open for suggestions for our info sites so if there’s something you want to feedback or share with us please let us know. We do have dedicated email addresses for each site which you can find on the contact pages.

Be sure to keep an eye out on the info pages to see what we come up with next!

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