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Relaunch of Garden Wish


28th August 2019

We’re excited to announce the relaunch of Garden Wish. For those reading that don’t know who Garden Wish are they sell unique and unusual garden products ranging from sculptures to simple accessories. We built the original website many years ago and a year or two ago Garden Wish decided to take the website down. Now with more time to be able to devote to the site they’ve decided to get the website back online.

We were of course excited to help get this project back online as they have some really great products and ideas behind them. Garden Wish wanted the site back just as it was before it was switched off, as the site worked well when it was live. We were happy to do this as it worked well and it still also looked great. We did however update some of the code behind the scenes to bring it up do date and also make one or two style tweaks, mainly for usability purposes. We also updated the Content Management System (CMS) that was behind the website, so it’s now even easier for Garden Wish to maintain their website and add in new products as and when they become available. Another useful feature that Garden Wish have integrated with this new site is the Source and Supply option. This allows users to basically send a photo in of something they like or even just describe the product and Garden Wish will go and find it for you.

It doesn’t really need mentioning now, as all our sites are built to be responsive as standard, but Garden Wish is also built to work well across all devices and screen sizes. Again we made a few tweaks to the design on some devices to make the site easier to use to the public.

We’re really pleased with how the website turned out and how seamless the relaunch was. The site is hosted with Eco Hosting and also sits on an SSL Certificate, something that it wasn’t on before.

If you’re looking for unusual and unique garden products then we recommend taking a look a Garden Wish, you can find their site here.

If you have a website or project in mind that you would like to talk to us about, then give us a call on 01305 265893 or email us on

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