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New Websites for David Noton Photography & f11 Photography Magazine


21st July 2017

Alacrify is pleased to announce the launch of David Noton Photography which also runs alongside the f11 Photography Magazine.

David came to us with a vision of splitting out his old site into 2 websites; one being his professional photography work (David Noton Photography) and the other being his monthly online photography magazine that he and his f11 team publish each month to members. This process involved design and build of 2 brand new websites along with the transfer of hosting and domains (including registering new domains).

The plan was to launch the f11 Photography Magazine site first and then launch David Noton Photography a little bit after. David was unfortunately hit by a cyber attack before he managed to transfer hosting over to Alacrify. This accelerated the launch of both sites, fortunately for us we were already 95% ready to launch the f11 Photography Magazine site. A few weeks after pushing f11 Photography Magazine live we launched the new David Noton Photography website. One of the most visually stunning websites we have created to date with thanks to David for providing some stunning images.

The f11 Photography Magazine allows members to read the f11 monthly magazine. It also allows members/non-members to book on to photography workshops etc. which often involve going abroad or exploring the UK. The website is built on our custom Content Management System (CMS) allowing the f11 team to easily upload and publish a magazine at the end of each month. The f11 team are busy uploading all their back issues (with about 50-60 yet to upload at the time of writing). The f11 Photography Magazine is only going to grow and become even better value for money for members.

The new David Noton Photography website was second on the list to get live. This website is solely based to showcase some of the stunning images that David has taken over the years, it also allows David to showcase some of his commissioned work he has done. The website also gives visitors a bit of an insight to David’s world and the partners David works with/for, with the likes of Adobe and Canon among them. The website was a real (as was f11) joy to work on with David providing endless stunning photos and if we had an idea of what would look good, David would have just the photo! Explore David’s photography website and take yourself on a virtual tour around the world.

Both websites are a completely ‘responsive’ design which means it ‘collapses’ down for all screen sizes including tablets and mobiles. Both pass all of Google’s ‘mobile-friendliness’ tests, so it is listed on Google searches as an ‘awesome’ responsive website.

We are looking forward to supporting David and the f11 team in the years to come and developing both websites further. If you have an interest in photography then we strongly recommend checking David’s work out and even becoming an f11 member!

Check out both sites below:


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