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Make The Most Of Your Adwords With Alacrify


4th August 2014

Make The Most Of Your Adwords With Alacrify

At Alacrify we do more than just design & develop websites. We help clients actively maintain their websites through a number of services such as copywriting, SEO page optimisation and managing Google Adwords and PPC.

Google Adwords Management and Strategy from AlacrifyWe were approached by a client who had experienced a huge dip in traffic since the re-launch of their e-commerce website. Following an extensive evaluation of their site, we analysed keywords to target and began to build a suitable strategy that would help catapult them back and beyond their previous traffic & conversion levels.

We immediately began re-building their web pages and optimising product details to match the keywords they were targeting, but also to create stronger quality scores for the keywords we had previously outlined to target in Adwords.

After putting the foundations in place, we began visiting and editing their current campaigns in an effort to improve cost per conversion rates, and conversions on the whole. We also implemented a number of negative keywords to improve ROI and reduce the overall cost.

This was a task that was going to take time and effort as with any SEO project, but we successfully reached and went beyond their sales targets, whilst improving the conversion rate across the campaign, and driving the cost per conversion down. We also created & implemented a new Product Display Ads campaign for them, which had even higher conversion rates for much lower conversion costs.

After a year, we had improved the amount of revenue gained through Adwords, building a powerful, high performing Adwords campaign, keeping the overall cost low.

If you’d like to discuss how we can help your business or are looking for advice and help in managing your Adwords, give us a call on 01305 753769 or e-mail us at

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