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Introduction of Mobile Phone Options to Comms UK


30th July 2014

Introduction of Mobile Phone Options to Comms UK

Comms UK have been a client of ours for quite some time now and with the addition of James Bissell to the Comms UK team we have been able to promote more content on the web on their behalf.

Recently we have been promoting the mobile phone options that have been launched by Comms UK. As part of the Digital Marketing package they have with us, they drop us a line or two of information, sometimes with a photo, that we then use to create a highly optimised [SEO] web page or news story for their website. In this particular case we focused on their new mobile phone options.

The new pages that we have added to the site will help people who land on the site see what Comms UK have to offer in terms of products, rather than just service. In the mobile phone section we have added new details about the following phones/tablets:

As well as writing page content we are also creating and distributing news to help support other pages on the site. Through James and the Comms UK team we are able to receive day to day information about what the business that we can then include on their site.

Alongside all of the stories and content we are also managing their social media so all stories/content are syndicated on all social media platforms.

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