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Continuing Upgrades and Improvements for BioTech Website


24th May 2013

Continuing Upgrades and Improvements for BioTech Website

BioPortfolio.comBioPortfolio's website has just had another design and performance update applied this past week. 

At over 3.5 million pages (and rising) this site is enormous by anyone's standards. Keeping such a huge site in tip-top condition is a bit like painting the Forth Bridge, there's always some aspect or other that is being refined, extended or developed.

This week we have rolled out a design and performance change to the site that is the biggest we've done in 3 years. It has affected every area of the site; from static pages to dynamic news and search results.

Our goal was to make the site more useful and engaging to visitors; presenting the vast collections of content as effectively as possible. We also built in key Search Engine Optimisation improvements and speed performance enhancements too.

We're looking forward to seeing how the new site performs in the coming weeks as the search engines and visitors get to know the new design and new functionality of the updated site.

You can view the updated site here: Call the office on 01305 753769 or email if you'd like any help with your website (and don't worry, it doesn't need to have 3.5million pages to be interesting to us!). 

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