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Dorset Web Design - Clients in Dorset


7th October 2011

Dorset Web Design - Clients in Dorset

The list of clients we now work with in Dorset is growing rapidly at the moment. This seems to be as a result of several things.

Many of our clients report that they like the idea of working with people that they can meet and visit. They like to put a face to a name and get to know us personally here at Alacrify.

And likewise we can build a rapport with our clients that allows us to make best use of opportunities for collaborating together. From our point of view this is excellent too as we get to see what people do for ourselves; visiting factories and offices all over the area. These insights we've had into their businesses has undoubtedly enriched our working relationships and this layer of additional contact adds a liveliness to our working week.

This local contact and local network is balanced by our client relationships that are farther afield. Here the opportunities are different.

Eggardon Hill, Dorset

With more distant clients we rely on building rapport over the phone and email to get under the skin of the business. In some ways this can be an interesting discipline in its own right, and one that can be very revealing and helpful in assessing what is needed in the design of a new website.

In some ways the phone contact is closer to the sort of contact that can be provided by a website. You need to say everything that is important. You can't rely on people picking it up for themselves when they're visiting you.

This can lead to some really interesting conversations and insights for us and the business owners themselves. And it makes the process of setting goals and understanding expectations much more explicit from the start.

Being based in Dorset is a real pleasure and to spend our time getting to know more of the thousands of amazing businesses based in this beautiful county is a wonderful way to work.

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