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Our Biggest Relaunch to Date


19th August 2011

Our Biggest Relaunch to Date

At midnight last night we opened the doors to our latest redeveloped website - ACAT online; a moment of excitement and trepidation!

ACAT's new website - launched today

We have worked on the Association for Cognitive Analytic Therapy's (ACAT) website from day one, almost 15 years ago, when the pages were tiny, written in basic html and peppered with a few small, low resolution images.

Over the years the site has evolved into a complete membership administration system, with masses of content and functionality aimed at supporting the association.

This  change has been a process of incremental additions and accretions. While it was still perfectly possible to maintain it effectively, it wasn't always particularly efficient.

Public Facing Website

As part of ACAT's move to become a charity, the need to have more public-facing content and functionality on the website increased. The conversation then arose about how best to address this; what the content needed to be and how it needed to work with the existing member-orientated information.

Searching for information about CAT

Consultation and Collaboration

We then went through an extensive planning and development process to create a completely rebuilt and redesigned website for ACAT.

We explored the needs of all the user groups, from casual visitors, clients, therapists, professionals, press and media, members and non-members.

We looked at the services offered, including information about the therapy, its settings, practice, policies and ethics; training and events, news and contact points.

Course information on ACATonline

Website Performance and Integration

We considered the performance and integration of the content, making it easy to read, easy to navigate, and improving the site's search functionality.

Under the hood, in the guts of the site, we re-engineered the site content management and the business systems at the heart everything, making them more robust, coherent and easy to maintain.

News from ACATThis process has involved working with lots of people in the association, foremost among them ACAT's development officer and administrator. This team effort has been creative and inspiring and the end result is a site to be proud of.

Finding a CAT TherapistI can't wait to hear what everyone makes of it...

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