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Top Google Result for Relaunched Website


1st July 2011

Top Google Result for Relaunched Website

Our SEO approach has given Dorchester Photographer, Jonathan Gooding, the top spot on Google for searches for "Dorchester Photographer" in just a few weeks since the his site  was launched.

Google SEO Tips

The mixture of useful content, properly structured pages, and optimised writing on each page has meant the site has rocketed up the search listings.

Key Tips for SEO

We don't use any "magic" to get to the top, just sound and honest approaches to making a site that is primarily of benefit to its human visitors rather than primarily aimed at search engines.

Once the human content is good and helpful we then apply a layer of "search engine polish" to make sure the pages have good  amounts of on-topic words and phrases on key themes.

That doesn't mean we stuff it full of keywords, just that we make sure that there's a suitable mention of them somewhere on the website.

One simple way this is achieved is to break the content up into smaller topics, rather than trying to say everything on just one page.

How to Get Google Sitelinks

In the case of Jonathan's website this has paid off handsomely as Google has now provided it's Sitelinks for the site. This is a rarity on most sites, and a real mark of Google's appreciation of the importance and quality of Jonathan's website.

Getting Google Sitelinks

They are a reflection of the quality and clear structure to the pages, including the friendly urls, clear navigation and useful content.

In short we're thrilled with the outcome for Jonathan's new site. His fabulous photos can now be seen by more people as his site is performing so much better on the search engines. Take a look for yourself. It's amazing!

Jonathan Gooding Dorchester Photographer

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