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New CMS In Full Flow


27th May 2009

New CMS In Full Flow

John Bullock Lighting Design, the second installation of our new CMS [content management system], is now beginning to prove the power of the system we have developed. Over the past few weeks since the new site has been launched, John has been putting his "back catalogue" of images and writing onto the site. And this week he has started to add new content to the site from scratch.

His latest musings on the state of the Lighting Design Industry are to be found on one of his 3 blogs. now includes his published work from Lighting magazine, as well as his own viewpoints and discussion starters on his own site. Recently he has added these to LinkedIn and other networking sites that he is involved in. We're watching and waiting to see when the search engines have fully indexed the site and start to send more traffic through as a result of the increased content and improved design.

Our second CMS-based site is also underway and almost ready for launch. We're working with a local legal firm to improve the performance of their site and have used our Simple CMS as the means to achieve this. We're also looking at some canny ways to re-brand and market the site as widely as possible that will hopefully multiply up the site listings on the search engines several-fold.

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