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Glowing Praise from Dry Island


19th May 2009

Glowing Praise from Dry Island

Today we received a lovely email from Jess Dodd at Dry Island, whose website we have recently updated. I'll let Jess take up the story ...

"Ian has been doing self catering on Dry Island for 17 yrs. He started this to supplement his income due to the declining fishing industry in the area. Needing a website to move with the times, his partner, Jess contacted Jon Sloper after seeing an advert on the web about 5 years ago.

"A very lucky find indeed. The original website was fantastic. Using our photos and text Jon came up with a beautiful design,  which we have had admiring emails from day one. 

"This year bookings started fairly well but then took a real downturn. Initially we kept thinking that they would pick up. Reality struck home when we were empty for Easter in one place, first time in 17 yrs. We then realised, as our bookings pay our mortgage, that we really needed to take action. Certainly couples, who we cater for, seemed to be booking more last min but we also saw that when we put in Badachro, the village where the island is, into Google, we had slipped down from the first to the 5th page.

"This called for an emergency phone call to Alacrify and sure enough, as always, Jon performed an outstanding job. 

"We now have a beautiful new website, A lot of the text and photos was researched and selected by Jon - and he has never even been up here (that offer still stands Jon)!

"He has also been very helpful as I have tried to get my head around Google ads and he set up analytics for me which has been very useful. I know both other members of the team have had very helpful input too.

"The end result is better than our wildest hopes, we are now fully booked to end of August. A complete turnaround to a dire situation in 3 weeks!

"Since then Jon has designed and put live the site for Ian's unique fishing trips from the island.

"We are now looking to declare independence. more to be revealed soon ... Jon had grasped this idea with his usual efficiency, enthusiasm and artistic flair.

"All we can say is that Alacrify was a lucky find all those years ago and we look forward to working with you for many years to come."

Jess Dodd, Dry Island, Badachro, Scotland

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