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Dorchester Almshouses

Almshouses trace their history back to monastic times when the terms bedehouse, hospital, almshouse and others described the provision of accommodation for those in need.  

The 17th century saw the creation of three almshouse charities in Dorchester – Whetstones, Napper’s Mite and Chubbs. These merged and later became known as Dorchester Municipal Charities. 

The Dorchester Almshouses premises are situated in West Walks, a quiet location in the centre of Dorchester, adjacent to the Victorian Borough Gardens and park, within level walking distance of the town. Most flats have one bedroom; some are bedsits. Some have level access or stair lifts.

In 2019 Alacrify launched the Dorchester Almshouses websiteDorchester Almshouses came to us basically wanting to get themselves a precense on the internet. With their new website, we’ve done just that. The website is a great opportunity for Dorchester Almshouses to get their information out there and showcase the great work that they do in Dorchester. Not only did we build the website but we also assisted in registering a domain for them, along with setting up the hosting and assisted in setting up the mailboxes in their office. We also built a custom Registration Form that allows users to register their interest.


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