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Friends of Dorset County Hospital

Today’s modern hospital is very different, but their volunteers still do what they were set up to do back in 1956. They provide a service to the patients and visitors, visiting the wards twice daily with their trolley and they have a one stop Shop providing those little extras the patients may need. With the profits from these services they are able to provide facilities and equipment that is not always available through NHS funding.

The new website is set up so the Friends can take donations, whether it be for specific events or just a general donation. With this system the Friends can set up a new donation page and essentially create ‘pots’ for any fundraising event. Not only can the Friends do this but so can the public, by heading to the website a donation can be made to just about anything. We hope with this new system that the Friends of Dorset County Hospital can now raise even more money towards the amazing work that they do.


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