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Dorchester Literary Festival - Twitter Campaign Management and Marketing

Social Media Campaign Management and Marketing on TwitterIn 2016 we rebuilt the event website and a Shopify ecommerce system for the Dorchester Literary Festival. Following their launch we volunteered to support the event by designing and managing the Literary Festival's Twitter social media account. In this way we are proud to act as the media partner for the Dorchester Literary Festival. In total we have donated in excess of 150 hours work (so far) across eight weeks including;

  • Liaising with the event organisers
  • Designing the editorial plan and direction of the marketing on Twitter each week
  • Researching and connecting with key stakeholders involved in the event; speakers, sponsors, publishers and hosts
  • Managing web content tie-ins with Tweets
  • Monitoring Twitter accounts for engagement, and handling responses and enquiries
  • Researching and designing artwork to be shared on Twitter to promote the event activities
  • Seeking out influencers in the Literary Festival community and connecting with them
  • Seeking out relevant hashtags to reach as large an interested audience as possible
  • Seeking out and reposting relevant published articles featuring the Festival, or events or speakers within it
  • Seeking out local organisations and businesses that could act as ambassadors and referrers for the Festival’s information and Tweets
  • Monitoring the online ticket activity, and liaising directly with the Festival’s in-person ticket office to stay focused on events that needed extra promotion

We have used our expertise to design themes and content for Tweets that optimised the impact of the messages; promoting the Festival at times when potential audience members might be “listening”. This has meant tweeting out of hours, at weekends and during the evenings when people tend to use Twitter for leisure.

The results were immediate and have been extremely effective. The headline stats tell it all;

  • Twitter Followers up from around 300 to nearly 600 in 6 weeks.
  • Impressions up from an average of 34.5k to over 350k per month.
  • Profile visits up from approximately 200 to 2000 per month.
  • Mentions up from ten or fewer to nearly 150 per month.

Not only did this increased engagement spread the word about the event into new networks of potentially interested audience members, but it also converted into sales with significant numbers of bookings following on from our key tweets. By targeted tweets we even managed to influence the demographic of the people booking, from a largely female customer base to a more balanced number of male and female customers.

The Festival Twitter account has become the biggest referrer of visitors to the website, only exceeded by search-engine visitors.

Our work on Twitter has enabled many people to share their enthusiasm for the event, and for the speakers to trail their talks in advance of the Festival. The engagement we’ve provided has also set a welcoming, warm and personal, yet professional tone for the Festival, encouraging people to share their enthusiasm for the speakers and the themes of the different events.

This brief and intense project shows how much goodwill and engagement can be generated using Twitter - filling seats at events, and inspiring people to get involved – by employing highly focused, intelligently planned, and professionally executed Twitter account management.

You can see our work on the @DorchLitFest Twitter account and by following the hashtag #DorchLitFest2016

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