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Hotel Video Productions - Site Launch


29th April 2009

Hotel Video Productions - Site Launch

Today we are delighted to announce the launch of a new website for one of our newest clients - Hotel Video Productions. They specialise in making superb quality videos for the leisure industry and their site features two of their latest productions.

Hotel Video Productions also make the brilliant 360 degree photographs that are found on so many quality hotel websites now. These give such a good impression of the accommodation, especially when they're taken by professional photographers like Hotel Video Productions. They're proven to increase bookings for hotels that use 360 degree photos on their websites.

Their portfolio also includes a Stills Photography service for high quality, professional photographs for print or web applications. They can also produce fully designed interactive PDFs - or iPDFS - which are a combination of text, images and dynamic content like the 360 degree photos, or video.

How we helped...

We worked from the corporate design that was produced by Phil Gadd at Hotel Video Productions. He sent us layouts produced in Photoshop and a set of notes describing the different features that they needed.  We then turned their ideas into reality, optimising the site for search engine indexing, adding in Google Analytics and a Site Map and finishing the whole project in just over two weeks.

We're really pleased with the results (as are Phil and Andy) and the potential for drawing on their experitise with our other clients offers great opportunities.

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