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Content Management For Websites


19th March 2009

Content Management For Websites

We are currently working on 3 major new content management / event management / web applications. Each one has some very interesting challenges and exciting opportunities attached to it.

Having built many dozens of brochure html websites since the early 1990's we are now utilising our experience with these clients to develop and provide a very simple and lightweight content management system to allow our more confident and web-orientated clients to do more with their websites.

We've looked at and tested many off-the-shelf and "open-source" systems and in most cases they are excellent, but just too complicated or over-specified for the simple tasks that our clients want to carry out on their sites.

With this quality of simplicity in mind the system we're building will be able to be dropped into any design that our client wishes us to create, and then will be maintained by the client almost entirely without intervention from us. Our first client is standing by to use this new system already and we'll post an update when it's launched - along with some comments from our client about how it works in practice.

The other applications are for an event management system and a major online resource directory.

Running the three in parallel has meant we've been able to benefit from cross-fertilisation between the projects, developing code that is used in all 3 applications. It's also meant a lot of brain melting moments when problem-solving for each project and it's demanded a lot of discipline and rigour to make sure each project is run thoroughly and effectively in its own right. This multi-threaded creative process is highly stimulating (if sometimes a bit tiring!) and we're looking forward to seeing some of them come to fruition in the coming month.

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