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Working in a Winter Wonderland


2nd February 2009

Working in a Winter Wonderland

Our hens were very reluctant to step out into their snow-covered run this morning and their water drinker was a solid block of ice. Their trepidation at stepping out into the snow is something I can sympathise with as I'm due to be making several visits to some of our clients in the next couple of days. The latest trip will be to discuss our 6th Bed and Breakfast website commission for another gorgeous Dorset B&B. This comes hot on the heels of a site for a second holiday cottage in Scotland that we've been commissioned to develop.

It's interesting how these B&B sites have developed as a theme in our business. Word of mouth and recommendation have been the predominant source of these jobs, and it looks like we might be beginning to develop a new market in Floristry websites with our first site being launched in time for Valentine's Day, again through personal recommendation. I'll write more on this when it's completed.

We never take these personal recommendations for granted and are always delighted when we get this type of referral. Not only are they usually accommpanied by a friendly introduction, but they're often a bit further down the line in knowing what they want from their site before they talk to us. Sometimes it (briefly) makes me wonder whether it is worth us running a website for our own business, or whether we should just rely on these personal recommendations, but I know that being online is essential in our line of work. I just hope that our site gives the same friendly and approachable welcome that we get when we're introduced and recommended by our current clients and business colleagues. If you've time - perhaps you'd let me know?

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