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Chilly Start to the New Year


9th January 2009

Chilly Start to the New Year

The thermometer recorded -9 Celsius at 7am this morning here in Maiden Newton. This cold start to the year plus catching the ubiquitous 'flu that's doing the rounds has meant a slower than intended start to 2009. This has been all the more frustrating as we're going to be working on some really exciting regional and global projects this year.

We can't say too much about them just at this point as our clients' competitive and commercial advantage may be compromised, but we'll post updates as soon as we can reveal more information. All I can say at the moment is that 2 of them will involve us creating online business management and e-commerce systems with various additional customer service systems built in.

Along with these big projects we're also helping many of our current clients to re-orientate their websites in response to the credit crunch. As well as reflecting changes in the marketplace some of the updates also reflect our clients' changing business practices as they adapt to the new market conditions.

As we head into the 3rd week of January I'm hoping we'll quickly pick up momentum in our work again and make a swift return to delivering the kind of results that our clients are used to getting from us.

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