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Health and Safety Publishing


19th December 2008

Health and Safety Publishing

This month we have completed a major project with Weymouth-based publishers Bay Publishing. Over a number of months we have developed a new set of websites to promote their international Health and Safety and Environment magazines.

The process has been really enjoyable as we've got to know the company and what it does... we've also absorbed a smattering of knowledge about health and safety and environmental isssues along the way too.

Until this month Bay Publishing had 3 discrete websites for each of it's major magazine titles, and no site for it's corporate business. Our brief was to create a new corporate site and revamp the existing sites for the magazines to bring them all under one new brand.

Bay Publishing's designer provided the starting layouts for the new sites and we extended this design to incorporate all the elements needed in the 4 different sites. We then brought our dynamic website design experience to the table and prepared a website brief that incorporated the management and hosting of all 4 sites in one place and pointed all 4 domain names at the same site code. We then wrote the PHP code to work out which information to display based on the url being used to access the site. Along with specific style sheets for each magazine this gave a unique branded site for each magazine as well as the site branding for the main corporate site.

We also encouraged Bay Publishing to put the articles from their back catalogue of magazines on the website to increase the search engine ranking of all the sites and make for a richer visitor experience on the site.

The sites went live in early December and now the magazine sites are in the top five Google results for "health and safety magazine" and "air and water monitoring". We are watching with interest as the back issues are indexed and begin to appear in more and more search results.

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