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Time Flies...


13th June 2008

Time Flies...

These first two weeks of June have simply flown by. Bill has been participating in Dorset Arts Weeks with the Upwey Potters alongside developing Online Feedback facilities to allow all participants to record their experiences of this year's event. It will be interesting to hear how everyone's got on.

I've been focussing on the new financial applications for ACAT which are almost ready for delivery. They've entailed a significant and somewhat steep learning curve as I have had to develop a rapid understanding of accounting at both a basic and reasonably advanced level, and while I'm not ready to take my accountancy exams just yet, I am pleased to say that I've a much more complete working understanding of the ins and outs of it all now. Thankfully we've had a patient and experienced mentor from ACAT who has leant a guiding hand whenever it was needed.

This week I have also been working on a number of training webcasts for another client who needs a set of online induction sessions for new staff that show them how to use the company Extranet. These short demonstrations are built using Camtasia 5. The software is a gem. It is lovely to use and creates good results that meet the clients' training and production standards.

We have also had to make an emergency set of changes to one of our clients' sites when the ISP suddenly upgraded to PHP5. With a morning's frantic effort we managed to get it live and running again without too much inconvenience.

But it's not been all work thankfully. We've also managed to fit in some out-of-hours recreation. I've spent a few fantastic evenings fishing on the beach at Abbotsbury and West Bexington watching some of the most spectacular sunsets. (Sadly not too many fish to show for it yet) Bill's been making pots again. And we've both put in a few good hours in our vegetable gardens making the most of the long light evenings. The only trouble is, time just flies when you're having fun.

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