Successful Training and Marketing Tuition


26th June 2024

We’ve recently carried out a couple sessions of website training and marketing tuition to help drive more traction to our client’s website that will hopefully result in some sales. In this instance the website wasn’t one of ours but a WordPress site. After a quick look around the back end of the website we quickly identified a few key pieces that were missing when it came to the Search Engine Optimisation and general site setup.

After our client was told by another developer that they need to create a new website to support the sales on their website we put our clients mind at ease that this wasn’t necessarily needed as the site was already setup to handle sales it just needed some finessing to make better.

James carried out two Zoom training sessions to go through all the missing pieces and to carry out some general website training so our client could go away and manage the website themselves whilst adding in the missing Search Engine Optimisation sections that were missing, specifically in the shop area.

Once this was completed, we introduced a blog to the website to help bolster their website and the content on there. Allowing their users to me more informed and more engaged with their website.

Initial results are promising and hopefully the website starts to see some sales and enquiries increase.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s a comment left by our client to James:

I am very grateful for your time.
You are the best person I have found.

If you have a website that’s struggling then come and talk to us first, we can set a budget that suits you. Get in touch with us today with no hidden costs and we can see how we could help you and your website perform better.

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