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Angling for Business


14th May 2008

Angling for Business

This week we've been sending out new quotes for work with several new and existing clients; ranging from new website designs and website consultancy, to printed stationery and postcards. And we've also been out catching fish!

Earlier in the year we facilitated a very successful consultation process for an NHS Trust to help establish the expectations and practicalities of developing their new Intranet. We produced a report on the consultation process that drew together our findings and described the information architecture that would be required to successfully deliver the new Intranet. We have now been asked to provide a similar service to the Trust for the development of their public website.

We have also sent several new projects to print, including new Dorset Art Weeks promotional materials, as well as some new business stationery for a local builder. We're also currently gathering together the content for the new edition of "Reformulation", the newsletter for the Association for Cognitive Analytic Therapy prior to its design and publication later this month.

Both Bill and I have also been fishing - sadly I'm losing the numbers game as he he's already into double figures - catching mackerel off the beach at Abbotsbury. There's nothing to match the taste of the first mackerel of the season, cooked just a couple of hours after they're caught... simply delicious!

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