Client Notice – Hosting Migration


19th February 2024

Just a notice to our clients that one of our hosting providers, Eco Hosting is migrating our account to a new server. This will affect some of our clients.

As part of their ongoing commitment to provide high performance, reliable, and secure hosting they will be moving any accounts currently with Eco Hosting to a new server on 21/02/2024 between 20:00 and 23:30. If you are one of the accounts effected then your account will only be offline for a few minutes during transfer.

The upgrades will move your accounts to the latest version of the operating system for the most secure service, as well as latest generation hardware for a more performant service.

What will happen during migration?

Accounts will be migrated a few at a time starting from 20:00 and completing by 23:00. Your accounts will be frozen, copied in full to the new server, and unfrozen. This process ensures a full carbon copy of your accounts is made, with no data loss.

The length of time your accounts will be offline will depend on your disk space usage, but typically it will be around 2 to 10 minutes per account.

We have emailed all clients that will be affected by this, so please check your inbox. If you haven’t heard from us then your account won’t me affected by this migration.

First thing Thursday morning we will be running our own tests to ensure sites (and emails) are working and performing correctly.

Should you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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