Improving Our Communication


15th January 2024

In 2024 we’re looking to improve our communication for our clients so if we are unable to carry out particular pieces of work at the time due to volume of work on our desks, then we’re making a mission to improve our communication so all our clients know when to expect work and clear communication around that.

This also includes when staff take annual leave to ensure that someone is picking up any emails and phone calls to ensure there is no waiting for staff to come back from annual leave.

Towards the end of 2023 we did have a small issue with out phone lines where some people couldn’t connect to our line but this should all now be resolved. If you are noticing any issues getting in touch with us then please do drop us an email to inform us. We are keeping an eye ourselves to ensure all is resolved.

One thing to mention, we do have staff that work from home so our office isn’t always open. There is usually someone in the office but if you visit our building and the office is closed then staff are probably working from home or out at a meeting. It’s usually best to call ahead if you’re visiting so we can ensure someone is in. If you’re just dropping something off we do also have a tray inside the buildings front door which is collected daily.

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