PHP Upgrades - PHP 8.3


5th January 2024

Throughout 2023 and especially towards the end of 2023, PHP 8.3 was introduced and made available on our platforms for upgrade. With the majority of our websites running on PHP 8.0 there will be a time where we need to upgrade to PHP 8.3. Some providers are choosing to end support for PHP 8.0 and some are continuing to support PHP 8.0 (for now). Now, whilst some say they will be ending support this doesn’t mean your website is in danger of shutting down or prone to vulnerabilities it just means the support now comes at a small cost.

Whilst we want to hit the button and upgrade to PHP 8.3 there is some preparation from our (Alacrify) side in order to ensure that our codebase and websites work on PHP 8.3. We started running some tests at the back end of 2023 and it is clear there are some code updates that need to take place in order for the upgrade up to work. This is something we’re looking at completing at the beginning of 2024. Once we are satisfied we have the relevant updated files in place we will notify our clients of our intentions and when they can expect the update to happen. The good news is that these updates usually come with minimal downtime (maybe 15-20 minutes at a max). The update will be rolled out in order of importance. So those who’s hosting company have ended support (and are now charging for the support) will be top of the list and then eventually we will work our way through all our client websites.

For those interested, the new update has some major improvements and features that address error handling, innovate the use of random values and add a new JSON validation function. There are some more technical pieces involved to which you can read more about here.

This particular piece of work won’t incur any charges or extra charges (on the annual hosting) for us to carry out the update. The annual hosting that you’re currently paying covers these bits of work when they come up. If you have external hosting outside of Alacrify then there may be a charge involved but we will discuss this with those that it applies to in due course.

Any questions then do, please pick up the phone and call us on 01305 595925 or email  

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