Client Notice – Potential Website Downtime


18th September 2023

Notice to all clients that have a website with Alacrify.

Our primary hosting company; GURU are updating our hosting package. In particular they are updating MySQL which is where the database for your website is created and operates from. The reason for the update is because the current version of MySQL, which is currently version 5.7 is now considered end of life and they are unable to offer support for this version. The server will be upgraded to MySQL version 8.0.

We have carried out some testing to ensure our codebase works on this version and the tests we have currently carried out are positive. Sometimes updates like this can require code updates so they can talk to one another. As previously mentioned, things all look good and we haven’t encountered any issues with this update. As a precaution we will be carrying out database backups across all our sites as a precautionary measure.

Unfortunately, there will be some downtime whilst the update takes place which will see your website offline for around about 1 hour. The update will take place on the 3rd October 2023 starting at 9pm.

At the time of the update someone from Alacrify will be keeping an eye on the progress and to check it was successful come 10pm.

If you have any questions about this update then do please contact us at

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