Launch of NEW Website for Clock Auctions (Gardiner Houlgate)


1st December 2021

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new Clock Auctions website for Gardiner Houlgate.

As part of the website rebrands for Gardiner Houlgate we rebuilt the Clock Auctions website aswell as adding in some additional features along the way. The main new features aswell as the rebrand to bring it in line with the main Gardiner Houlgate website is the auction viewer and uploader piece that Alacrify have built. What this means is that Gardiner Houlgate can now upload an entire auction in a matter of seconds and have it displayed on the website ready for the public to see a preview of their auction. Once an auction is over it is automatically moved to past sales/archive where Gardiner Houlgate can then upload the results, again in a matter of seconds. You can check out exactly what we mean here.

The new site is also built on our Content Management System (CMS) which allows Gardiner Houlgate to easily manage the content on their site and the auction uploader piece that we talked about above. The new website is also completely responsive meaning it works and performs well on all types of devices whether big or small.

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