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Is Your Site Secure?


19th July 2021

Is your site running on an SSL Certificate? Not sure what that means? This essentially means that all the traffic to and from your site is sent over a secure connection. This is particularly important for securing the transmission of personal data that is entered on contact forms, but there are also other benefits to this update.

Many browsers (Google Chrome in particular) will now flag security warnings if you try to fill in forms on non-SSL websites. With SSL installed, the browser shows a padlock in the address bar and quietly lets you go about your business. Antivirus/security software will also often flag up the same warnings.

It has also been noted that there are speed improvements to be had from SSL too, as the protocol allows concurrent transmission of data rather than consecutive. This means more information (files, images, etc.) can be transfered from your site to your visitor's web browser at one time, speeding up page load times, and improving their user-experience.

All these changes are also having an affect on the search ranking of sites now too. Speed is an issue for ranking on Google searches. Slow sites get buried further down the results in comparison to equivalent faster sites, so sites on SSL will be a little quicker than their insecure cousins.

We highly recommend that your site has an SSL Certificate installed. If you need any help in doing this then do get in touch.

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