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Online Shop for Peter Thomas and Trevor Ball Living Wood


7th August 2020

During the COVID19 lockdown we built and launched an online shop, complete with payment system so Peter and Trevor can sell their brilliant handmade wood turning projects and sticks.

Due to COVID19 Peter and Trevor were unable to attend the usual shows and events that they would normally attend to sell their products. By moving online they were able to showcase their brilliant products online as well as being able to now sell those products. With the introduction of the online shop this should hopefully make up for the shows they will miss out on in 2020. With all the uncertainty of when things will return back to normal the shop will always be there to support with the sales of Living Wood.

With the online shop we’ve built this in to our Content Management System (CMS) so Peter and Trevor can update and add in any products they wish. An email system has also been built in so Peter and Trevor get a notification once an order has been received. As well as the customer also getting a confirmation email that their order has been received.

If you’re looking at moving to an online solution then get in touch with Alacrify today on 01305 595925 or email us on

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