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Relaunch of Bowls Dorset


28th April 2021

We’re delighted to announce the relaunch of Bowls Dorset.

If you were a user of the old site the changes will be obvious and we’re delighted with how the site turned out. The site was in need of a rebuild and a redesign and that’s exactly what we did. Working closely with Bowls Dorset we were able to build and provide a custom solution/website to suit the needs of their users.

From a usability point of view the site should be easier than ever to navigate to the pages you want. This includes being able to quickly find upcoming fixtures (including past fixtures), results, league tables and tournament/competition standings and progression. As well as this you can also go and look back at previous season results. We hope the site will be incredibly useful to participants in the leagues and tournaments in terms of being able to see when and where their next fixture is and if they’ve entered a competition who they will then be playing in the tournament tree.

For Bowls Dorset they’ve now got the facility to input all the fixtures and results for their leagues in an easy fashion. When it comes to tournaments, Bowls Dorset can now input the teams participating and the system behind their website will build the tournament for them. All they then have to do is input who’s progressed after each match.

We’re really pleased with how the website turned out and we can’t for their 2021 season to start so the site can really be used to it’s a max.

This is one of the first Bowls website that we’ve had the pleasure building and it’s one we thoroughly enjoyed, bringing plenty of challenges and firsts for us.

Bowls Dorset

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