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Delivering Social Media Workshops


11th March 2020

As some of you already know we don’t just build websites but we also deliver Social Media workshops (as well as many other online business development tools and techniques). It’s always great when we get the opportunity to host a Social Media workshop one-to-one with a client. At the back end of February we did exactly that.

Before the workshop began, we did lots of research into this particular business, evaluated their current efforts and also checked on their competition. This is an extremely important part of how we go about our Social Media workshops as it gives us an opportunity to understand the business and the market that they’re in. Once we collated all of our research we then met with the client and had a one-to-one meeting to fully understand what the business wanted to achieve from marketing through Social Media.

After the first phase of the workshop was discussed we then delivered our Social Media Marketing plans which included our tips, tricks, and our tailored made plan for the business.

We can’t wait to see our client grow on Social Media and hopefully turn more leads into business.

A lot of people don’t realise we’re more than a web design company. We’ve got many hats that we like to wear and nearly each project is completely custom and different in many aspects. If you would like to take part in one of our Social Media workshops then do get in touch with us on 01305 265893 or email We offer one-to-one sessions or group sessions at a time and place that is completely up to you.

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