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7th February 2020

We’ve had a very busy and productive this week, working on all different types of projects. We’re finishing the week carrying out some updates to include some updated Schema to benefit our client’s sites.

In particular we’ve been doing some work on the Dorchester Collection website and adding in product Schema against all their cars, vans and bikes. This allows us to tell Google (and other search engines) as much information as possible about each vehicle. This also benefits them when users are doing searches based on their location. Google will be able to provide details about specific vehicles using the information we’ve added into the code before they even click on the website. We should hopefully see some more detailed listings on Google for Dorchester Collection in the weeks to come.

This type of work has also already been carried on websites like Weymouth & Portland Info. In that particular case we wanted to provide Google with as much information about the events that are taking place. We now see events for this website listed at the top of the search results in an events panel. Giving users a quick and easy experience when finding out about any events that are happening in Weymouth or Portland.

Google and other search engines are always refining the ways they search and the way they "read" and interpret websites, so it’s always important that we keep up to date and adapt to give our websites the best advantage on search engines.

Do come and speak to the team at Alacrify if you want to know more about these Search Engine Optimisation techniques. You can call us on 01305 265893 or email

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