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Service Announcement - Email Issues - Issue Resolved


23rd August 2019

We're aware of some customers having some issues with receiving emails this morning/late last night.

Unfortunately this issue is with the hosting company and not directly with Alacrify. We are however actively working with the hosting company for a resolution.

We will be posting updates as the day goes on and you can follow all updates here. We will update this page as and when we have an update.

Here is the current log (starting from last night – 22/08/2019):

Update 17:28: The servers are slow at responding but are delivering mail (slowly). The Platform vendors have escalated this internally.

Update 00:38 23/8/19 - We are still waiting on a resolution from SpamExperts on this issue which affects former United Hosting customers. The issue is with the platform which is managed by SpamExperts on our infrastructure. This is causing a delay in processing mail through the platform.

The issue remains a priority.

Update 09:11 - We are seeing an improvement in the speed of mail delivery however will be improving the hardware for the Spamfiltering services today to help resolve this issue.

Update 15:00 - Issue has now been resolved and all services are back to normal.

We want to ensure all customers that we’re constantly checking with the hosting company and pestering the hosting company for a fix and any kind of update.

This issue only effects Incoming Emails and not Outgoing.

If you have any questions then please call the office on 01305 265893.

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