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Updates to Dorchester Collection


23rd August 2019

We’ve just relaunched the Dorchester Collection website, a Dorchester-based Car and Scooter dealership. Dorchester Collection came to us at the start of 2019 needing help with updating their current site at the time. We carried out some small updates but later decided with Dorchester Collection to move the site over to our Content Management System (CMS) and our code base.

As part of bringing the site over to our codebase we added some styling updates and some new functionality that wasn’t available on the old site. It also allowed us to add in a finance calculator that wasn’t working on the old site. Using our Content Management System (CMS), Dorchester Collection can maintain their stock of cars, electric bikes and scooters.

We’re really pleased with how the switchover went, and now with Dorchester Collection on our codebase and hosting, any future updates should be fairly straight forward. If you want to check the Dorchester Collection website out or find your next car then click here.

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