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Now We Are Two

Published on: 20th December 2007
By Alacrify

Now We Are Two

As we approach the end of our working year we are delighted to announce the launch of our latest website - HSME Magazine which went live today.

This is the third in Bay Publishing's portfolio of websites that we are now managing, and the first that we have had responsibility for helping to design.

It draws on the style of the HSME Magazine itself and supports the magazine's distribution through listing advertisers, contact details and media information.

This will be almost the last thing we launch this year. There are a couple of little website tweaks for some of our other clients, and we've just carried out a 650 item mailshot for ACAT to advertise their forthcoming Annual Conference.

The new year is already filling up with orders for new work and although we are really looking forward to the break over Christmas and some well-earned relaxation - we're also very excited by the prospect of several large projects that will be starting in January. Watch this space for more news...

Finally, today is our Second Birthday as Alacrify! Happy Birthday to us!! And good wishes to all our clients and suppliers too. Thank you all for all your support.


New Website For Osmington Village Hall

We’re pleased to announce that we have just launched a NEW website for Osmington Village Hall. Osmington Village Hall came to us needing a brand new website as the old one had been taken offline. We built the website from the ground up taking a fresh new approach alongside Osmington Village Hall.

Relaunch Of Weymouth And Portland Info Website

We’re excited to announce that we have relaunched the Weymouth and Portland Information website. The website is an internal project of ours and one that’s needed attention for a while. The main aim of the redesign was to make the website responsive and easier for users to navigate around.

New Website For R-em Therapies

We have just launched a new website for Emma at R-EM Therapies. R-EM Therapies is a new client of Alacrify’s that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with. R-EM came to us needing a new website as the old site was starting to show its age. The old site also wasn’t responsive and was also unsecure which negatively impacted the site's search engine rankings as well as being hard for users to access on their mobiles and tablets.

New Website For Ecs Special Projects

We have just launched a new website for ECS Special Projects. This is another website of ours that we originally built many years ago. The old site stood the test of time and still performed very well in Google searches, but the time had come for the look and feel to be updated in line with more contemporary design approaches.